Francis Paquette, MSc

Francis Paquette completed a master’s degree in political science at the Université de Montréal on the link between the grant from humanitarian organizations and the government in power. He has previously completed university studies in international cooperation, partly at the University of Osaka in Japan, which led him to work in India on health promotion among sex workers. During this project, he was responsible for creating platforms for knowledge dissemination related to HIV/AIDS. He also studied post-graduate climate change and worked on the resilience of a population in a natural disaster and the social capital of this population, refining its expertise in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Francis worked as a coordinator for the Canadian Research Institute on humanitarian crisis and as a research officer at the Université de Montréal on issues related to the socio-political factors of health and human rights. These positions led him to be hired as a consultant to write a report requested by the Red Cross on Japan’s response to the 2011 tsunami.

In parallel with his academic career, Francis Paquette has over fifteen years experience in project management in outdoor and city design. His multidisciplinary profile places Francis Paquette in an excellent position with regard to the comparative analysis of local / international policies, critical analysis of responses to natural disasters, humanitarian aid and development, climate change and policies and finally issues related to human rights and health