Who Are We?

SI Consultation believes that the health of the population is determined by, and interrelated with, a range of environmental, social and political factors. This is why SI Consultation favors a multidisciplinary approach to the analysis of health-related projects.


SI Consulting provides services to improve the health and well-being of people in Canada and around the world. The integration of several parameters is essential for the development of health programs and a health-based approach is the basis for the viability of any social and economic project.


SI Consulting is a private company based in Montreal, Canada. Members come from distinct and complementary specializations, reflecting the multifactorial vision of health. Freelance consultants are also committed to meeting the needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advise and guide our clients with wisdom and integrity. We strive for the health of the population and vulnerable groups, and we continue to work in a multidisciplinary manner to respect this approach. We are committed to providing professional services with exceptional objectivity and scientific validity. Through work experience and ongoing professional development, we will remain at the forefront to consult with our clients on the latest practices in population health. SI Consulting is a consulting company that knows that social involvement is the key to a company’s success.